Campusboard Session For Semi-Strongs: Explosiveness And Contact Strength - Intermediate Exercises

10th April 2017
10th Apr 2017
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In this Training Tutorial I am going to demonstrate four different Exercises on the Campusboard for Intermediate Climbers who aim at improving their Explosiveness, Contact Strength and Lock-off Power. The climber should be able to perform these moves in a controlled fashion in order to minimize chance of injury due to dynamic forces especially on fingers, elbows and shoulders. Be sure to warm up thoroughly before you start! For a typical session, pick two (if your goal is focusing certain capabilities) to four (if your goal is training everything a little bit) of these exercises. Switch exercises alternately or complete sets of one exercise after another (which I'd recommend due to "muscular adaptation" to a specific exercise), incorporating rest periods of minimum 2, maximum 3 minutes, 20 to 40 seconds between a hand switch (these times depend on exhaustion, remember, always try to perform the moves in a controlled fashion). Don't forget to switch hands on asymmetric exercises (also switch up starting hands of following sets). Use a stop watch. Standard Campusboarding workouts last not much longer than an hour, at least in my case, try to stick with your times in order to make the workout more efficient! As always, if you've got something from this video, please give it a like, post any questions or thoughts in the comment section down below, and don't forget to subscribe for more awesome training tutorials! Have a good training! Other Campusboarding Episodes: Beginner Tutorial: Overreaching Progression Tutorial: Campusboard Session for Semi Strongs: Explosiveness and Contact Strength, Intermediate Exercises manithemonkey on Instagram: Mani the Monkey on YouTube: Mani the Monkey on EpicTV: Mani Hubär on