The Power Of Periodization | Advanced Training Strategy For Climbing

20th March 2017
20th Mar 2017
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This video covers the basics of a long term training strategy which is quite popular amongst high level climbers: Periodization. If executed consequently, a periodized training plan can be a powerful tool for creating a significant peak in climbing performance, thus preparing the athlete for the competition season, a rock climbing trip, or breaking the current plateau. I will explain what it actually means to follow a periodized training regime, why it's of special use in sport climbing, and what a conventionally periodized training program looks like. As always: Please give the video a like if you've got something from it, it helps a lot. Share it with a climbing mate who's interested in getting stronger by training smarter, leave your feedback in the comments down below and subscribe for more awesome content! See you soon! The Power of Periodization | Advanced Training Strategy for Climbing manithemonkey on Instagram: Mani the Monkey on EpicTV: Mani the Monkey on YouTube: Mani Hubär on Music: falling by Glassic on Soundcloud.