Skiing Europe's Last Great Wilderness | Likebomb Skiing, Ep. 4

30th October 2014
30th Oct 2014
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After traveling the world in search of the best and worst snow, the Likebomb crew, which includes Tom-Oliver Hedvall, Jesper Björnlund, and your narrator and Blizzard shredder Johan Jonsson, decided to head home. Well, close to home, anyway. They ended up north of the Arctic Circle in Sarek National park, a frigid and lonely expanse of nothingness in northern Sweden that is often called “The Last Wilderness of Europe”. Skiing-wise it's terra incognita - no sleds or helicopters allowed, either, meaning the crew had to skin in and take all their gear with them. Then the storms came. Zip your coats up and pull your hats down tight, this is as gnarly as ski exploration gets. Skiing Europe's Last Great Wilderness | Likebomb Skiing, Ep. 4