Fast Left-Handers & Endless Barrels In The Maldives | Islands in the Stream, Ep. 3

08th July 2015
08th Jul 2015

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It would be hard to hand-pick more beautiful barrels than the ones featured in this video. Teiki Ballian introduces this episode with the boards he brings on a surf tip to the Maldives – everything from an alaia to a Mini-Simmons, fast-cruising to self-shaped twinnies. Teiki loves surfing to be regular and spontaneous and in this episode we see how different waves beg to be surfed in different ways. Fast left handers only surfed by a select handful need quick reactions and fine tuned boards but sometimes even the quick-witted and perfectly crafted boards are still not good enough. Notice how many people are in the line up, but Matt and Liquid Destination can still find the quiet zones. Teiki, William and Smith are introduced to the local bird life from the local women in a quiet Maldivian town while filmmaker McClean is kept occupied during lulls by stalking resident hermit crabs. This is one beautiful edit. Fast Left-Handers & Endless Barrels In The Maldives | Islands in the Stream, Ep. 3

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Hi Palacebros, I am a huge surfing fan my self and I can tell you there is one selection of surfing with some great content! You just have to look into other sports and you'll find the surfing section in the drop down menu..Enjoy :)
10th Jul 2015