Nepal By Drone- An Earthquake's Aftermath | Flight Club Pop-Up Interviews

22nd June 2015
22nd Jun 2015
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With Flight Club's Pop-Up Interviews we've scoured the earth looking for the coolest drone videos out there and talked with the pilots to learn how they did it. Drones gives us a whole new perspective on filmmaking yet there is never any information about how the film was created... until now! Pop-Up Interviews combines cool films with pop-up bubbles that contain technical information from the filmmaker that reveals- how they shoot, what's in their kit and other techy information. So, sit back and relax... and learn something as you watch some of the best drone videos in the world. This week Sagun Lama and Kishor Rana give some technical background about organising and filming moments after the monolithic earthquake that hit Nepal in April 2015. They shot their footage with a DJI Phantom 2 and a DJI Inspire 1. Their footage is awe inspiring and was some of the first quake footage seen outside of Nepal. Nepal By Drone- An Earthquake's Aftermath | Flight Club Pop-Up Interviews

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Christine Sherwood's picture
EpicTV Freelance Channel Producer
Absolutely heartbreaking. You really get a clearer picture of some of the extent with the use of a drone.
24th Jun 2015