Can This Climber Go From 6c To 7b In 4 Months? | Fear Of Falling

03rd March 2020
03rd Mar 2020

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Get training with EpicTV Ben Cannon is an indoor climber, and he wants to start climbing outdoors, and with the help of climbing coach Neil Gresham he has set himself an ambitious goal of climbing 7b in 2 months at the world famous Malham Cove Crag in the UK. Follow Ben and Neil's journey over this three part series as Ben gets pushed to his limits in the quest of 7b. Check out Neil Gresham's personalised Training Plans Follow the guys on instagram @neil.gresham @benjamincanoon Can This Climber Go From 6b To 7b In 2 Months? | Fear Of Falling

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Looking forward to seeing how he gets on
6th Mar 2020