Seventies' Secret Setup | Fast Forward BMX, Ep. 8

05th May 2014
05th May 2014
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What's the last thing you'd expect to find in a small, seaside town on the South Coast of the UK? How about this... Hastings, home to Seventies BMX Distribution; a pinnacle company in BMX who, since the sport's early days, have not only distributed some of the finest companies throughout the UK, but hosted the Backyard Jam contests as well as the 'Our House Jam' and the 'Brighton Ain't Ready' DVD, one of the most iconic videos to come out of the UK ever. Even now, despite limited space, Seventies make some serious use of their warehouse, filling every available corner with ledges, rails, and huge, fast transitions - just another reason why rider-owned/run companies are awesome. The Seventies crew have it good. Check the madness as Federal Bikes' James Cunningham and Mark Love, 88 Bike Co's Ollie Shields and Shadow/Subrosa's UK TM Oli Jones let loose behind closed doors on a private set up to die for... Thanks to Seventies Distribution! Oh yeah, please do not call or turn up expecting to ride this, it is not open to the public. Music: Bibelots - Devil's Highway Seventies' Secret Setup | Fast Forward BMX, Ep. 8