These Guys Took the Worst BMX Trip Ever, at Least They Got Sick Footage | Fast Forward BMX, Ep. 4

26th February 2014
26th Feb 2014
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With parts of the UK suffering from the 'wettest January on record' Mike King, Matt Priest, Oli Jones, and James Cunningham, decided to go on an impromptu trip to France, maybe even Belgium if the weather cooperated. didn't. Instead, they ended up in Abbeville's 80100 park, where they had kindly been invited to ride behind closed doors - although this wasn't exactly the case when they got there. But they persevered and moved on to the new, indoor skate park in Calais where they were hoping to get another (semi) private session. But with bad luck already stalking them they showed up to the park with only 45 minutes until their ferry departed for England. They rode it anyway and missed their ferry. All in all, a pretty successful trip.