EpicTV Weekly 24: Freesurfer Dane Reynolds, Dodo Kopold on Great Trango, WWL Is On, World's Best Kayakers, Felix Goes Up

12th October 2012
12th Oct 2012
In this episode, Jools fills in whilst Trey is away being a Texan back home and she picks on on the week's hottest adventure news. Find out what EpicTV's BASEjump and wingsuit editor Tim Emmett makes of Felix Baumgartner's attempt to break the speed of sound, check out what the pilots themselves have to say about the mad event that is the World Wingsuit League, listen to climber Dodo Kopold explain the whys and hows of his huge new route on Great Trango, meet freesurf icon Dane Reynolds and get his take on reverse air and get some exclusive potential winner names for the Oscars of Kayaking, the Rider of the Year Awards. Last but not least and if you haven't seen it yet, watch the trailer for one of the sickest BASEjump movies on our service, Red Bull's 'The Seating of the Ghost', featuring none other than our man of the week Felix.