EpicTV Weekly 20: Ski Manaslu, ProBASE Wingsuit Race, Hurley Pro Surf, World's Hardest Off-Width, The Ogre

17th September 2012
17th Sep 2012
01:00 Glen Plake, Rémy Lécluse and Greg Costa are making progress on their mission to be the first to ski the world's eighth highest mountain without oxygen. The crew are steadily working their way up the mountain and had established Camp 1 and Camp 2 before an approaching storm pushed them back to base camp. With more bad weather approaching and their climbing window becoming more and more narrow, the team must make a decision about when and how to proceed. 02:35 The four-event ProBASE World Cup heads to the BASE jumping Mecca of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland for its dramatic final stage: a head-to-head wingsuit race! EpicTV was on-hand to catch the first day of this mind-blowing event where wingsuit pilots race each other at speeds of up to 180 km/h. 06:20 There's a good reason that Baintha Brakk in Pakistan's Karakorum range is better known by its frightening knickname, The Ogre. The first ascent in 1977 became one of mountaineering's most infamous epics when Doug Scott broke both his legs on the first rappel from the summit while his partner Chris Bonington broke two ribs and contracted pneumonia. The team took a week to descend through a massive storm before finally reaching base camp. Trey and Hugo discuss Hayden Kennedy and Kyle Dempster's recent ascent via a new route which marked only the third-ever ascent of the mountain. 07:41The Hurley Pro kicks off this week at Southern California's Lower Trestles, arguably one of the world's most high-performance waves. With any of the top 13 competitors still in the running for the overall title, the sixth event of the ten-event ASP World Tour is a crucial stop for many of the world's best surfers with the winner of this event ultimately winning the world title the past four years. EpicTV Surf Editor, past ASP President and former SoCal homeboy Dave Mailman gives us the down low on the event, the competitors and the famous wave. 19:20 This week is the premiere of the Reel Rock Film Festival and one of the films we're most excited to see is Wide Boyz by Hot Aches Productions. In the film, Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker train for two years to make the first free ascent of Century Crack, the world's hardest off-width climb. We caught the boys on skype to talk about the climb and found that Tom and Pete's fun-loving, laid back attitudes hide the discipline and determination needed to achieve this phenomenally physical climb.