EpicTV Weekly 12: Chamonix Wingsuit-o-Rama, 9 Best OutDoor Products for Spring 2013, Great Trango Tower BASE Jump

22nd July 2012
22nd Jul 2012
01:54 Wingsuit pilots Jokke Sommer and Espen Fadnes talk about wingsuitering from Chamonix's Brevent lift station, a new exit that is being called 'the most technical exit in the world.' 20:47 Sneak peak of 9 of the best outdoor products for spring 2013 fresh from the OutDoor tradeshow in Friedrichshafen, Germany. 33:45 The Trango Air Wall expedition is a mission to climb and BASE jump from the top of one of the world's biggest vertical walls, the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan. Two members of the team, Liv Sansoz and Tim Emmett, tell us their fears and expectations the night before their departure.