EpicTV Weekly 11: Next Level Surf Porn, EpicTV Cribs: Carwyn Williams, A Surfboard You'll Never Own, Surf Editor Dave Mailman

13th July 2012
13th Jul 2012
The EpicTV Weekly crew drops in on the 9th International Surf Film Festival in Anglet, France, which provides the rare opportunity for our host Trey Cook to kindle the bro-mance with EpicTV Surf Editor, Dave Mailman. Taylor Steele something or other and of course, it wouldn't be Dave if he didn't fill us in on the ASP. 05:45 Loïc Wirth's first film, Intentio, pushes surf porn to the next level with unique imagery, creative editing and thought-provoking dialogue. In this exclusive interview, Loïc answers the burning question: 'Who's the guy with the beard and why's he so sad?' 19:27 Fifteen seconds of host Trey Cook's complete and total SUP fail. It's as close as we come to a bail section. 19:47 Tomaz Crocco Sellins describes what goes into a $2600 limited edition surfboard and why you'll never own one. In that case, we'll take two, check's in the mail. 22:33 For our very first edition of EpicTV Cribs we drop in on legendary surfer/hellraiser Carwyn Williams whose surf hostel in Seignosse, France sees more action in one night than all the James Bond movies combined. Tune in to EpicTV Interviews to hear the full story on the rumored 'golf course incident.'