Petzl Sarken Crampon | Tech Spec Review

13th September 2016
13th Sep 2016
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Petzl Hirundos
73.05 € 89.90 €
La Sportiva Skwama Climbing Shoe
130.46 € 145.00 €
Black Diamond Positron Quickdraw
13.95 € 17.00 €
Beal Antidote 10.2MM
86.45 € 110.00 €
Petzl GRIGRI +
88.95 € 99.95 €
The Sarken is an all-round crampon, that loves to be challenged with steep mixed terrain and ice climbing, but is just as happy with easier climbs and glacier travel. The Sarkens are pretty lightweight for such a tough crampon, and are going to be way more durable than some of the super lightweight products on the market. The crampons fit most alpine boots and are quickly and easily adjustable. The Sarken has the lever lock universal binding, which means they can be used with any boot with a rear welt. It’s easy to make small adjustments to fit the shape and size of your boot with this wheel on the back. Petzl Sarken Crampon | Tech Spec Review