Faction Candide 4.0 2017 Ski Review | EpicTV On-Snow Reviews

22nd January 2016
22nd Jan 2016
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For 2017 the Faction Candide 4.0 has gotten a slight re-design that has made this big mountain, powder ski even better. Faction, with the input of Candide Thovex himself, say that these changes help to make the Candide 4.0 perform even better in their intended environment, powder. As well as reducing the waist of the ski down to 118mm, they have also created a slight taper on the tip and tails, helping improve the ski's performance both on and off the piste. But don’t worry, the Candide 4.0 has not lost any of its super playful characteristics. Need a backcountry freestyle ski? Then look no further! Wouldn't take it out on the grass though... Faction Candide 4.0 2017 Ski Review | EpicTV On-Snow Reviews