Tendon Master Pro 9.2 Rope | Outdoor 2016

20th July 2016
20th Jul 2016

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Tendon Master Pro 9.2
149.00 € 165.00 €
Tendon Hattrick 8.6mm Complete Shield
144.00 € 160.00 €
Tendon Master - 9,7mm Complete Shield
148.50 € 169.90 €
The Tendon Master Pro 9.2 climbing rope is a revised and updated version of its previous release, providing you with a fully optimized sport climbing rope. The Tendon Master Pro 9.2 has been much improved thanks to a new construction to the SBS Sheath, making it now 20-30% more abrasion resistant. The longevity of this rope is therefore increased, providing you with a long-lasting rope that has the same strength as a thicker 9.9mm rope. Strong and lasts long – a much coveted rope for 2017.