A Look Behind The Scenes At The KROSS Factory | EpicTV Gear Geek

21st September 2014
21st Sep 2014

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We often envision our favorite bike makers as Willy Wonkas of the trade, cranking out amazing designs behind the closed doors of their fantastic factories. Our gear geeks went to Przasnysz, Poland to visit the KROSS factory and see how much truth there was to the fantasy. As it turns out - more than you would think. Come meet the R&D team responsible for the months of testing, analysis and improvements that go into each bike and see the combination of technology and old school love that keeps the process moving. The prototype bike designs are printed on a 3D printer and analyzed thoroughly in the lab - any rough edges are spotted and eliminated. Then come rigorous stress tests. Finally, it's time to take them for a spin. Both experienced rides and the members of the R&D team check how the bikes behave on woodland paths, steep inclines, and any other conditions they can throw at 'em. KROSS is the leading manufacturer of bicycles in Poland and sells its rides in 32 countries around the globe. Last year marked the launch of their first enduro bicycle — the MOON series. The new model was fitted with the proprietary Revo Virtual Suspension. The company continues to broaden its offering for extreme riders, showcasing a 2015 collection, which includes new MOON bike models with 27.5" wheels. A Look Behind The Scenes At The KROSS Factory | EpicTV Gear Geek