DJI Ronin And FS700 With Canon EF 24mm Test Shoot | EpicTV Gear Geek

01st November 2014
01st Nov 2014
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After some time spent wading through various internet forums it had became apparent to me that some camera operators were having trouble getting the FS700 to operate well on the new DJI Ronin. I began to worry that my intention of using these two amazing bits of kit together was a pipe dream. After all, they could potentially form an affordable pro level stabilised system, coming in at under 20% of the price of a slow-mo capable Red Epic on a Movi gimbal. Here is a test that we did with the FS700, DJI Ronin and Canon EF24mm shooting at 200 fps. You can still see a little of the flicker there, but I tried to get rid of it with motion blurring, you can kind of still see the flicker, but we didn't have enough light to shoot a massively high shutter speed, so please excuse!