Edelrid Ace Harness | Tech Spec Review

06th June 2017
06th Jun 2017
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Petzl Corax Harness
52.65 € 59.90 €
La Sportiva Skwama Climbing Shoe
130.46 € 145.00 €
Black Diamond PosiWire Quickdraw
13.32 € 15.00 €
Beal Antidote 10.2MM
99.00 € 110.00 €
YY Vertical Colorful Belay Goggles
56.00 € 80.00 €
The Edelrid Ace Harness features 3D-Vent Lite technology, with high density polyethylene webbing in the waist and leg loops. This spreads the weight evenly throughout the harness, without adding bulk. • 3D-Vent Lite technology is designed for comfort with less bulk • 15mm Slide Block buckles on waist belt for fast adjustments • 4 symmetric gear loops, attachment options for ice screw clips, and a chalk bag attachment loop • No buckles on leg loops to reduce weight Check it out at the EpicTV Shop here.