What Is The Best Climbing Shoe For People With Wider Feet? | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep.483

16th April 2015
16th Apr 2015

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Finding a climbing shoe that gives a comfortable, close fit can be a challenge for any climber. For those with slightly wider feet, it can be doubly as hard as the majority of climbing shoes are designed with a narrower profile. We checked in with the guys at BananaFingers to find out which shoes are best for those with a wider foot. Among their picks were the Five Ten Anasazi VCS, the Scarpa Vapour V and the Boreal Joker. Check out the video to find out which they selected as the very best option. Don't forget if you want to check out reviews of any of the shoes from 'Best Of The Bunch' head on over to Bananafingers.co.uk What Is The Best Climbing Shoe For Wide Feet? | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep.483

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16th Apr 2015