The Top 3 Most Viewed EpicTV Climbing Videos Of 2014 | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 414

02nd January 2015
02nd Jan 2015

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This is it, the last of our EpicTV top 3's of 2014, and today we are ending on a high note, the top 3 most viewed climbing videos of 2014. We've been proud to host some fantastic climbing videos on our site this year and we'd love to give all of them more screen time. However we decided to be democratic about it and let the choice of our viewers decide the top 3. In the bronze medal position is the third and final episode in our series ‘Born To Be Wild’ with Philippe Ribiere. Filmed by Fontainebleau local Neil Hart, the focus of this episode is Philippe’s climbing style. Due to the genetic condition Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, Philippe has shortened arms and immobile wrists. Philippe has been able to adapt his climbing style enabling him to perform at an impressive level despite these limitations. Continuing the trend of season finales is our runner up, the final episode of Jen Randall’s series ‘Europe’s Best Crags.’ Jen’s innovative and extremely relatable filmmaking style has been recognised this year with the people’s choice award for ‘Best Short’ at Kendal Mountain Festival for her film ‘Where Walking Took Me.’ In the final episode of her series at Epic, Jen and husband Alex reflect on the numerous climbing areas they visited during their time in Europe and endeavor to pick a favourite from their list of twelve. To see what they decided and to make up your own mind, you can check out all 13 episodes for yourself by going to EpicTV and searching ‘Europe’s Best Crags.’ Taking the top spot this year for sheer nerve-shredding terror, is the Ice Pillar Episode of our Canadian ice climbing series Sub-Zero. Mountain Guide John Freeman was climbing a free-hanging ice pillar when, as he neared the end of the pitch, the entire pillar on which he was standing detached from the rockface and came crashing to earth with John in tow. We’ll let the harrowing first-person footage from John’s helmet cam speak for itself on this one. The Top 3 Most Viewed EpicTV Climbing Videos Of 2014 | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 414