Alex Puccio smashes three 8A+ problems in Colorado | EPICTV CLIMBING DAILY, EP. 302

27th June 2014
27th Jun 2014
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It seems that competing in the 8 legs of the IFSC World Cup Boulder tour across 3 continents in just a few short months isn’t enough for Alex Puccio, who has recently climbed her third 8A+ boulder problem in just 2 weeks. First was Tetris and Storm Shadow, both of which are in the Rocky Mountain National Park in the USA, and both of which took her pretty minimal time – an hour for Tetris and 2 for Storm Shadow. She then moved on Guanella Pass in Colorado where she did Double Dutchez on just her third attempt. Alex has been quite open about the fact that it hasn’t been a great year for her in the competitions but she’s obviously still going pretty well outside. Next, we’ve got an amazing video of female climbing legend Steph Davies climbing and then jumping off the legendary Tombstone rock tower, near her house in Moab, which features some of the scariest and most insecure climbing you’re ever likely to see. By the way, if you think the route is scary even when you don’t fall off, check out this terrifying video of Dean Potter falling from the same route when he and Steph were working it together.