What's The Best Carabiner For Use With Belay Devices? | Climbing Daily, Ep. 581

26th September 2015
26th Sep 2015

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In today's show we take a look at the best Carabiners for use with belay devices...this is more interesting than it sounds trust us, as there is some interesting technology when it comes to this type of kit... These carabiners are designed to work with all types of belay devices from the Petzl Reverso to the Black Diamond ATC Guide, or the grigri 2. So check out what we reckon is the Best Of The Bunch. What's The Best Carabiner For Use With Belay Devices? | Climbing Daily, Ep. 581

Latest comment on this episode

anton1013's picture
I find these safety-relevant best of the bunch quite concerning. The worst is definitely the guy putting his hand way too close to the tube style belay device while demonstrating. I know this is not a demonstration video on how to use such a device but it is nevertheless reproducing a very common mistake. Secondly, after recommending tube style belay devices to climbing novices last time, this time you are skipping 'safe-biners' like the Petzl Ball-Lock, DMM Belay Master, Edelrid HMS Strike Safe-Lock; which should be the recommended choice in terms of maximum safety. A screwgate can become unlocked due to movement of the carabiner and contact of the locking mechanism with rope, harness etc. a carabiner requiring three different actions to be opened should be preferable. Lastly, some belay devices have a recommended carabiner pairing. This should at least be mentioned.
2nd Oct 2015