Building Your Trad Climbing Rack | Climbing Daily Ep.861

27th January 2017
27th Jan 2017

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Wild Country New Friend
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DMM Wallnut Set 1-11
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Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight Cam
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Petzl Anneau
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Black Diamond Nut Tool
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On this week’s Friday Gear Show, Matt was unleashed on the EpicTV Shop’s big wall of shiny gear to pick some items that you might need for your trad rack. There is a vast array of gear out there designed to fit into every size crack or hole, but we are focusing on the first few items you need. Remember to comment below with your trad rack set up for you're chance to win a Wild Country Friend. If you want to check out the gear in the video, click the links below:,,,, To watch the full videos of the Climbing Daily mash up, click here. Building Your Trad Climbing Rack | Climbing Daily Ep.861

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samuel.haines89's picture
It is well know that climbing gear is expensive but unlike many other outdoor sports it is easy to spread out the purchases over time. During the process of building a rack you can still practice placing gear. Starting with a set of nuts you can bring them with you on a day of top roping or sport climbing and between climbs wonder around looking for placement. Look for multiple in one spot to se if you can build an anchor. On your next day out you may have a cam or two and can practice with that. Building anchors is a great way and a necessary skill for trad climbing so you can use what gear you have and incorporate trad gear into your top rope anchors. Once you have a full rack it is a helpful skill to see how you can place different pieces of gear in the same crack. From the ground you can practice building an anchor. Then take it down and see if you can build it again with out using any of the pieces from before. From this exercise you can get practice placing the piece that is not the most obvious which is helpful for when you might get to a belay and have already used half or more of your rack. All of these excursus you can do from the ground in a safe way and while you may be putting your rack together.
1st Feb 2017