Matt's Guide To Climbing Chalk | Climbing Daily Ep.850

13th January 2017
13th Jan 2017

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Welcome back to another Friday Climbing Daily gear show. Climbers use chalk every time they climb, and it’s become an essential tool in pushing the boundaries of the sport. There is a vast, bewildering array of different chalk types out there, so today we break it down and find out the truth behind chalk science. We are also unboxing the simply amazing Scarpa Phantom Tech mountaineering boots. Check out the Scarpa Phantom Tech here. Want to see our chalk selection? Check it out here. Matt's Guide To Climbing Chalk | Climbing Daily Ep.850

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rovanock's picture
ok, so i tested a lot of different chalk almost 7 years now and my favourite one is "the chalker" from austrialpin. aaaaand i found out that it is one of the cheapest on the market (only € 6,80 for 300g / in austria) :D
19th Jan 2017