A Shaky Moment Inches From The Top | Climbing Daily Ep. 1232

16th August 2018
16th Aug 2018
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Today it’s all about 8th Grade Sick Sends, so things are getting tough! We’re starting off with a sport climb from Emil Heydari climbing this 8a called Les Gallinas. Followed by a boulder from Maximillian Milne, called Tension, 8b. Get the tent https://shop.epictv.com/en/collection/best-camping?utm_source=epictv.com&utm_medium=cd_player_page_copy&utm_campaign=POTW&utm_content=POTW. Check out Emil's YouTube page here and Instagram here. Visit Maximillian's YouTube channel here. 8a Sport And 8B Boulder...Things Get HARD | Climbing Daily Ep.1232