Fontainebleau - The World's Premiere Bouldering Destination

16th August 2021
16th Aug 2021

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Fontainebleau, situated just south of Paris is without doubt the world’s premiere bouldering destination. At over 100 bouldering areas with more than 10's of thousands of problems and counting, to climb them all in a lifetime would be unthinkable. This is place where the concept of bouldering began to be understood, and was developed into the mainstream practice it is today. Psyched to plan your next trip to Fontainebleau…check out all the Topos and the info you need with the @27crags app: Check out the latest From Black Diamond At The EpicTV SHOP: For more info check out 27 Crags: Follow @epictvclimbing: Instagram:​ Tik Tok:​ Facebook:​ Twitter:​ Twitch: