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Wingsuit Jumping Brevent, Chamonix

Wingsuit Jumping Brevent, Chamonix

08th August 2014
08th Aug 2014
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Wingsuit Exit On the Brevent, Chamonix - GroWings Ep. 1 The Brevent exit was first opened in 2012 but following a series of accidents within a short amount of time, was closed by local authorities. It remains one of the most technical exits in the world. In the first episode of GroWings, wingsuit pilot Nathan Jones meets up with experienced flyer Espen Fadnes to see what it takes to make his goal of wingsuit jumping Brevent this summer a reality. GroWings is a six-episode web series which will follow wingsuit pilot Nathan Jones over the summer, traveling and training throughout the mountains of Europe to prepare himself to reach the goal of flying the more technical and advanced terrain of Brévent in Chamonix, France. We welcome you to an insight into the amazing community and lifestyle of BASE jumpers and wingsuit flyers. Follow GroWings @ www.facebook.com/growings2013 Follow Nathan Jones @ www.facebook.com/natski86 Credits: Wingsuit flyer - Nathan Jones Wingsuit flyer Brevent - Espen Fadnes Camera man and editor - Mateffy Istvan Additional Camera - Rob Girvan Special thanks to Espen Fadnes, Ioana Herteg, Ovi Lazar and Teodorescu for their extra help!! Much appreciated.

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