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Will Alex Megos Be Denied 9b Counter Status? | Climbing Daily Ep.1169

Will Alex Megos Be Denied 9b Counter Status? | Climbing Daily Ep.1169

16th May 2018
16th May 2018
On the News Show today we check out the IFSC Bouldering highlights from Tai'an, look at a Seven Summits record and chat about a certain Alex Megos climb. The question is should he appear on the 9b counter? Comment below and let us know... Watch the Fontainebleau video here. Incredible EpicTV Shop deals here.

Comments (6)

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denes.s_elch's picture
I don't get it...he has climbed Fight Club, which is a 9b, so why has he not already been on that counter?
5th Jul 2018
Daniel M's picture
Hi, not sure what's the point of drinking beer while presenting a climbing show. We all know that most climbers love to have a couple of beers after a climbing session, (including myself) but for sure our performance will get better if we stop doing it so often. Not the best of examples I must say.
28th May 2018
Camella Matheson's picture
So what? They shouldn't drink beer cause climbers shouldn't drink beer, but its ok to have a drink after a climb? Maybe these had just finished a climb? ;)
12th Jun 2018
Camella Matheson's picture
p.s. I saw you put him on the list....good call!
12th Jun 2018
Thomas Mietzel's picture
Don't put him on the list, just to motivate him to climb a 9b soon :-) I'm really looking forward to see you guys explaining your decision to Alex. Btw. Janja is skipping some comps cause of school reasons. Love your show!
16th May 2018
jeannot.ouellette's picture
As wicked as 9b+ is, it isn't a 9b. I vote no go.
16th May 2018
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