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Why Are IFSC Athletes Getting Timed Out? | Climbing Daily Ep.1016

Why Are IFSC Athletes Getting Timed Out? | Climbing Daily Ep.1016

27th September 2017
27th Sep 2017
We are back with another news round from the climbing world. Today we are coming at you from Norway, more info at the end of the show, and it's quite late. So expect in-depth analysis, personal preferences and Gin, probably not in that order. EpicTV had a shop! Great deals on climbing gear here. Watch the climbing videos here.

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Philippjarke's picture
Talking about the 6 minutes rule of lead world cups: I do not like it at all. For me competition lead climbing should be purely about climbing as high as you can in your own, personal style. If climbers are able to rest for some 20 or 30 seconds on rather bad holds on these steep walls - that is a great ability that a lot of climbers wish to have themselves. So why punish the athletes for showing an important climbing skill? And let us face it: The route setters put more and more boulder problems on lead walls rather than lines of crimps. The athletes only have 5 minutes to have a look at these problems from the ground. With the 6 minutes rule they hardly have time to think about different beta while climbing. If you hesitate too long at one of the problems you will get timed out later on – as it has happened to Anak Verhoeven in Edinburgh for example. Climbing should never be about time spend in a route. The only discipline in which time should be relevant is speed climbing (which I think is completely boring anyway).
28th Sep 2017
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