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What's In Adam Ondra's Crag Bag? | Unzipped

What's In Adam Ondra's Crag Bag? | Unzipped

24th June 2015
24th Jun 2015
We'd say we were taking you for a look inside EpicTV Shop athlete Adam Ondra's kit bag, but more accurately we're peeking inside his kit van which, interestingly enough, is actually one of his picks for his five essential pieces of gear. Happily his remaining choices are all slightly smaller and fit fairly comfortably inside his VW California van. As well as the obvious climbing shoes, La Sportica Genius or La Sportiva Speedster (both with 'No-Edge' technology) and his Black Diamond Mojo chalk bag (packed with lots of extra chalk), there are a few less obvious essentials that Adam never heads to the crag without. Despite being primarily a sport climber, Adam still takes a chalk brush with him whenever he's climbing. Greasy holds aren't just the preserve of boulderers after all! Adam's last pick isn't a single item but rather a lot of little items. Dried fruit and nuts to be precise; Adam's choice snack for a day at the crag. What Is Adam Ondra's Favourite Crag Snack? | Unzipped

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