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What We Do Here: A Girls' Story

What We Do Here: A Girls' Story

02nd July 2018
02nd Jul 2018
Today there are no excuses to put off waking up to turn over in bed, stealing a few more moments of warmth and sleepiness; there are other things to be done. The backpack is already in the car. It takes a moment: the time to get dressed quickly and automatically, wash off the drowsiness from your face and gulp a coffee down. Kathrin, Tessa and Suzie have been waiting the whole week for this moment. They meet in the arranged location. They greet each other with a smile, everybody's eyes have that special glint in them, just like a kid who is looking at something new for the first time. The air itself is quivering and smells of expectations. "Ready? Off we go!" Check out our Salewa range here. What We Do Here: A Girls' Story

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