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What Does It Take To Be One Of The World's Elite Climbers?

What Does It Take To Be One Of The World's Elite Climbers?

21st April 2016
21st Apr 2016
In episode one of Epic Climber, Chris Sharma invites Sasha Digiulian, Edu Marin and Adam Ondra to his new gym in Barcelona. After a little warm up at the wall, the guys head to Santa Linya for two days of climbing on some of the world's hardest routes. Everyone has a project in mind, but what approach will each climber take, and what inspires four of the world's best athletes to push themselves on such a short trip?

Comments (5)

13 voters think this video is Epic
Diederik Stoorvogel's picture
They rock!!
22nd Apr 2016
ktbizness's picture
Enjoyable video, though a more accurate title is, "The cool stuff you get to do when you're One Of The World's Elite Climbers."
21st Apr 2016
Michaël RebelationSound's picture
Can´t wait for the next episode!
21st Apr 2016
Nico Stanford's picture
Sweet film, I really enjoyed that!
21st Apr 2016
alan sim's picture
nice film, looking forward to the rest of the series! A
21st Apr 2016
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