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Welcome to the Team: Natalia Grossman

Welcome to the Team: Natalia Grossman

15th March 2021
15th Mar 2021
Shop Black Diamond CLICK HERE Natalia Grossman was born in Santa Cruz, California, and started climbing at the age of six. Nine years later, she moved to Boulder, Colorado, in order to pursue her climbing career. She knew that she wanted to become a professional climber and that Colorado had multiple resources that could help her achieve her goals. Natalia has been competing since she was seven years old and has won multiple national events and has competed in international competitions. Although she focuses on competition climbing, she has started to spend more time climbing outdoors and has recently sent several V13s. Natalia enjoys climbing and all the experiences it has brought her. She loves traveling the world while competing and gaining new experiences, meeting new people, and pushing herself both mentally and physically. In addition to being a passionate athlete, Natalia enjoys devoting her time to academics. She enjoys helping others and she is currently attending the University of Colorado Boulder, where she is majoring in psychology to one day become a therapist.

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