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Welcome To The BD Team: Anna Liina Laitinen

Welcome To The BD Team: Anna Liina Laitinen

14th May 2018
14th May 2018
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Hailing from Finland, Anna Liina Laitinen didn’t start climbing until she was 17. But that didn’t stop her from dreaming. With pictures of mountains on her bedroom wall and a fierce desire to climb, Anna quickly progressed. Now, at age 28, she’s set the bar for Finnish women, claiming the national championship four years running, starting in 2014. Travelling frequently for outdoor climbing, she’s moved beyond her homeland and has been crushing at the crags. She’s redpointed 5.14c in Kentucky, onsighted 5.13d, and continues to train like crazy to get better. Her motivation is infectious, and that’s why she’s so inspiring, and also why we’re proud to have her join the BD team! Black Diamond gear in the EpicTV shop here

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