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Vlog 4 || A World Less Traveled

Vlog 4 || A World Less Traveled

02nd September 2017
02nd Sep 2017
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Vlog 4 is the teaser to our 18-month long trip we're calling - "A World Less Traveled". Here is the beta to our plans and all of our destinations! Special thanks to - Petzl and Gramicci! Friction Labs, Fiveten, DMM, EB, Volx, Luxov, Y&Y Vertical! ----- We will embark on a living dream to spend more than one year traveling around the World, climbing, pushing our limits and awakening our inner wilderness. Our travel will bring us to more than 20 countries, sprinkled across 6 continents, to inhale the popular and foreign climbing destinations. With our lives in our bags, we will - trek, climb, taste local culture, develop new routes, help local climbing communities and raise awareness for the ever growing environmental issues. Filming as Cold House Media in a documentary style film (as well as still imagery), we will create unique media that digs into not just our individual challenges as climbers, but our journey together.

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