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Vlog 014 - Indian Creek's Hardest Route?

Vlog 014 - Indian Creek's Hardest Route?

10th January 2017
10th Jan 2017
I've know about the Carbondale Short bus from way back when Nick Martino tried it as a project in 'First ascent'. The final dyno for the route looked incredible, and in addition to that, it seemed to have a bit of everything: run out spice, technical like a grit route, and full of other weird things like knee bars, jamming and splits. That was 10 years ago, and a lot has happened since then, but the route still looked as awesome as ever. Finally I got my chance to take a look at it, and its safe to say it didn't disappoint! On Paper, this is Indian Creeks 'hardest route' but what does that even mean? Perhaps it's like Caroline says and "nobody gives a shit" Then again, she also talks about 'Petrified Cows'! I wouldn't trust her... Here's Once Upon A Climb's Vlog 014 - The Carbondale Shortbus

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