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Training With Adam Ondra Part 1 | EpicTV Choice Cuts

Training With Adam Ondra Part 1 | EpicTV Choice Cuts

30th March 2015
30th Mar 2015
Athletes like Adam Ondra aren't simply born, they're made. And as we're about to discover, the making takes time, dedication and more than a dash of masochism. Adam has dedicated himself to pushing the sport of climbing further than it ever has been before. In the last two years alone, he's established the world's hardest sport climbs, onsighted 9a and won an unprecedented double on the world championship stage. None of this has happened by accident. It's the result of a carefully planned training regime that takes up as much of his day as his University studies, often with less reward. Adam puts himself through this because he knows that without it he may never achieve his full climbing potential and while he may sometimes struggle to get started, once he does, that knowledge sustains him through each day's demanding training regime. Training With Adam Ondra Part 1 | EpicTV Choice Cuts

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alan sim's picture
great edit guys...super nice.
30th Mar 2015
Carlos Mentos's picture
Are there any Czech subtitles available for this video? If so, could you send me a link to download it? Thank you :-)
30th Mar 2015
Panu Lehti's picture
Now we know:-)
30th Mar 2015
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