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Training For Static Strength | Catalyst Climbing Training Ep.2

Training For Static Strength | Catalyst Climbing Training Ep.2

26th October 2018
26th Oct 2018
Psyched for training? Get the tools to GET STARTED Although strength should be seen as a last resort when climbing, it is useful to have some in reserve for when you really need it, and thats why its important to train it. Of course we should strive to climb with a smooth technical style when climbing, however its possible that we can get ourselves in situations where we need static strength to get us to the next hold. More information on Catalyst Climbing Catalyst Training For Static Strength | Catalyst Climbing Training Ep.2

Comments (2)

kajed.simpson's picture
well, huge fan here, but I've got to say that I was a little disappointed by this video. The videos you create normally feel like loads of information stuffed into one video, not one piece of information spread out over the whole video.
1st Nov 2018
Hugo Pilcher's picture
Hey Kajed, thanks for your feedback, i think the idea with this series is to give you (the climber) some simple and easy to follow exercises that you can then repeat in multiple situations and often, and its through this process that you will be able to see the benefits...hope you manage to get out an try these and thanks again for watching :)
14th Nov 2018
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