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Tommy Caldwell Fights His Way Up Ice-Covered Crack Line | Epic Climber, Ep. 7

Tommy Caldwell Fights His Way Up Ice-Covered Crack Line | Epic Climber, Ep. 7

21st May 2015
21st May 2015
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How do you push some of the world's best climbers to their breaking points? Add ice to an already burly crack climb. The conditions might have seemed perfect as our four climbers arrive at the summit of Chamonix's Aiguille du Midi, but on the rock, the reality is very different. Melting ice has trickled its way down the classic crack climb 'Enfer du Decor' (7b+), transforming the already stout challenge into a cold, slippery nightmare. Undeterred and with teeth firmly gritted our teams abseil in to give the line their best attempt. After a hard-fought but ultimately unsuccessful attempt on the route from Emily, Tommy steps up. The wet, treacherous conditions test both his determination and his climbing ability but after a hard-fought grapple with the granite splitter he makes it to the belay. While he and Emily continue to the summit by the easy, finishing pitch, Alex and Hazel get started on the route. Hazel's vast climbing experience would normally put this route easily within her reach, but the unwelcoming conditions put it just beyond her on this occasion. The pair battle their way to the summit with a combination of dogged determination and some unconventional crack climbing techniques from Alex. With the route complete and both teams stood atop the summit of Chamonix's most famous peak, only one task remains, deciding who goes home with the Epic Climber trophy. Tommy Caldwell Fights His Way Up Ice-Covered Crack Line | Epic Climber, Ep. 7

Comments (4)

18 voters think this video is Epic
Mateffy Istvan's picture
managing the impossible, respect
30th May 2015
Christine Sherwood's picture
EpicTV Freelance Channel Producer
wow! Tough climb, but what a beautiful place to tackle.
29th May 2015
Michelle Webster's picture
Underwater Basket Weaving Champion 2002-2004
icy crack climb? nuts..!
29th May 2015
Panu Lehti's picture
Amazing performance guys!
24th May 2015
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