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This Is Why You Should Never Give Up | Climbing Daily Ep.1151

This Is Why You Should Never Give Up | Climbing Daily Ep.1151

18th April 2018
18th Apr 2018
It's the news show and the dynamic duo of Matt and Hugo are back to bring you a round up of this week in climbing. We talk about the recent IFSC comp, find out about an ascent of the Quarryman and check out a ridiculously strong young climber. 24hr Suffer Fest Info here. IFSC Meiringen highlights here. Pete Whittaker film here. Lizzy Ellison's YouTube channel here.

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Vytis Černiauskas's picture
Great round up, as always. Although I'd say that you didn't pay enough attention to Pete's rope solo ascent. What he did is rad, and he made it in just 20 hours, not to mention that he had to document it by himself while struggling to keep his mind and body in focus, super thumbs up for Pete. One more crazy ascent to the climbing log of Yosemitee.
18th Apr 2018
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