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THE SECRET TO NINJA SKILLS SIT 8C/8C+ | Martin Keller First Ascent!

THE SECRET TO NINJA SKILLS SIT 8C/8C+ | Martin Keller First Ascent!

16th May 2019
16th May 2019
Check out our Moon range here. How far does your perseverance stretch? Three years of effort, over 150 sessions, -6ºC in 50cm of snow, all-night 12 hour sessions, then 25ºC in July... Ninja Skills Sit Down Start was Martin Keller's ultimate nemesis. In this short film, join Martin on his journey as he discovers the secret to unlocking his first ascent of Ninja Skills 8C/8C+ (V15/V16) Nestled in between chestnut trees on a south facing slope in Sobrio, Switzerland, the 8B+ (V14) stand start for the famous Ninja Skills was first climbed in 2009 by Nalle Hukkataival. ----- Follow Martin Keller on his Instagram: @swizzybouldering Based in Sheffield, UK, Moon Climbing is dedicated to developing and producing high-quality, durable climbing clothes, accessories and training equipment. Founded in 2002 by professional rock climber, Ben Moon, we are a small team of passionate individuals with a lifelong love for climbing and the great outdoors. Using our insights and experience, we aim to bring you a core collection of performance climbing kit that you want and feel proud to use.

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