The Right Way To Dry Wet Holds With Adam Ondra | Q-Tip

19th August 2015
19th Aug 2015
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Hard as it may be to believe, there is a right way and a wrong way to dry wet holds. In this video, EpicTV Shop climber Adam Ondra shows us not only one of the most effective methods for drying wet holds, but one that is also less damaging to the environment than many alternatives. Unlike methods that use toilet paper, which is both unsightly and can take days to biodegrade if left at the crag, Adam's approach requires only a sock (fanciness optional), some chalk and a chalk brush. Check out the video to find out how it works but don't forget, climbing on wet sandstone and other softer rock types is always a big no-no, even if you can dry the holds. The Right Way To Dry Wet Holds With Adam Ondra | Q-Tip

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Panu Lehti's picture
Another option is to wait until the holds to get dry... what a great reason to take a rest day!
21st Aug 2015
Michelle Webster's picture
Underwater Basket Weaving Champion 2002-2004
clever, and nature-friendly. quality tip indeed!
21st Aug 2015
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