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The Origin Sit 8C/V15 First Ascent - Eliot Stephens

The Origin Sit 8C/V15 First Ascent - Eliot Stephens

25th May 2021
25th May 2021
Moon athlete Eliot Stephens making the first ascent of The Origin Sit 8C. Wales' first 8C boulder! Get some Moon gear deals here. "At the start of spring 2021 I started to look for local projects to test myself on until travel around the UK began to open up. I found a potential sit start to an 8B+ I established at my local (Dinas Rock) in 2019. After some cleaning and sussing out moves, I found a sequence of moves into the stand. I then got stuck in to trying to make the link. This video goes a little into the climb itself, and documenting a glimpse into the process involved to climb the thing."

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