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The Lost Gear Show Videos | Climbing Daily Ep.1733

The Lost Gear Show Videos | Climbing Daily Ep.1733

01st October 2020
01st Oct 2020
Our gear shows cover a range of different topics, from cams to trad shoes, belaying to big wall climbing. We noticed that some of you wanted videos and tips that we have already released so we thought we would revisit some older shoes and help you find the information you need. All the gear here. Videos you asked for: Cams Black Diamond C4 here Black Diamond Z4 here Wild Country Micro here Building trad rack here Rope Inspection here Sport Shoe: Quantum here Voltage here Ice climbing anchors/ice screw here Indoor to outdoor Tips here Rope choice here Vibram rubber here Ascending/descending ropes here Intermediate climbing shoes here Sizing climbing shoes here Training gear here Anchors: Camp Swing here Trad here Boulder Pad: Psychi here Comparison review here Washing ropes here Shoe Re-soling here Sharpening ice tools here Rhino Skin + Skin Care here Jeans here The Lost Gear Show Videos | Climbing Daily Ep.1733

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