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The Evolution Of Mixed Climbing

The Evolution Of Mixed Climbing

04th March 2020
04th Mar 2020
Get Your Ice Climbing Tools At The EpicTV Shop When you think of Mixed Climbing, you would probably think of mountain crags with big walk ins, alpine ascents and snowy peaks, but scratch a way a little at the history of hard mixed climbing and you will probably discover the name Eptingen. Situated in Switzerland near Basel, a stones throw from the motorway, the Eptingen crag has seen some historic ascents, including the the first M8+ ascent in 1998 and a decade later the worlds first M14+. The man who has been responsible for many of the hardest mix climbing ascents in the world, and for much of the development of Eptingen is Robert Jasper, and we find out exactly how he came about the now infamous crag in Switzerland. Follow us on Instagram: @epictvclimbing @actiontalk.tv The Evolution Of Mixed Climbing With Robert Jasper, Part 1

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