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The Climbing Doctor: Lateral Epicondylosis

The Climbing Doctor: Lateral Epicondylosis

13th December 2017
13th Dec 2017
This video is part 5 of 10 in the "Climb Injury-Free" video series. Watch the clip to learn how to correct the most common climbing movements that can cause outside elbow pain, medically known as lateral epicondylosis. When you climb, you are constantly overworking the finger and wrist flexors in the front of your forearm by gripping. However, every time that you grip a hold, the muscles in the back of your forearm contract to stabilize the wrist. This constant activation of the muscles in the back of your forearm can lead to overuse and injury at the origin of the muscle on the outside of the elbow called the lateral epicondyle. Learn more: www.theclimbingdoctor.com Get the book: United Kingdom: http://amzn.eu/2fQ5WzP United States: http://a.co/iFujrvm

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