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Swiss Route - Saving a Winter (EpicTV Short Film Festival 2013)

Swiss Route - Saving a Winter (EpicTV Short Film Festival 2013)

03rd July 2013
03rd Jul 2013
Swiss Route - Saving a Winter. In September 2012 Steve Wakeford’s lung collapsed due to work stress. Following this "wake up call", he decided to give up work for a while, move into a camper van and learn to climb. At the end of January 2013 he arrived in Chamonix keen to continue his journey into climbing, but within 3 days he broke his leg in a skiing "incident". Once finally fit again, Steve wanted to make up for lost time and up the ante a bit by climbing something somewhat more "involved" than what he may have started on had he not broken his leg. He teamed up with a new friend Julian Lösche, a freeride skier with hardly any climbing experience. Steve would teach Julian what he knew about climbing and Julian would teach Steve what he knew about snow! Together they climbed the Swiss Route on the North Face of Les Courtes. This was Steve’s first alpine climbing route. In his mind, the winter was saved. A blog about the preparation for the climb can be found here: http://wakoswire.com/2013/05/10/205/ This is an entry to EpicTV Short Film Festival. For more info go to http://festival.epictv.com

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