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Skin Care And Taping: Taking Care Of Those Digits | Climbing Daily Ep.894

Skin Care And Taping: Taking Care Of Those Digits | Climbing Daily Ep.894

17th March 2017
17th Mar 2017
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On this week's Friday Gear Show, we're looking at skin maintenance. Flapper prevention, what to do when you have to tape up a nasty split tip, and some tricks of the trade for after climbing skincare so you can help prevent further wear and tear. Plus, we're giving away a big ol' bag of chalk to the best skincare tip in the comments section. Don't forget, we've got 10% off all climbing shoes at the EpicTV Shop this week with checkout code SHOESAVE10. Check out our skincare products here. Get some chalk tips here. Skin Care And Taping: Taking Care Of Those Digits | Climbing Daily Ep.894

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skbr84's picture
Start playing guitar. It strengthens your hands, builds callouses, and you can play for your friends around the fire after a long day climbing. Two birds one stone. Also Climb on is the best.
24th Mar 2018
Marimar Romo's picture
My skin care solutions is a good hand cream, specially Karite and a nice shower gel with relaxing oils. If I am hurt or sore the best to use is Horse Balm, yes Horse balm, it smells minty and its really strong, helps a lot with sore and injured muscles, berrter if you use it in the night.
22nd Mar 2017
casey's picture
Being from Vancouver, BC, Canada, my go to skin care solution is Buddha Budda. While not being strictly legal in many jurisdictions the THC and CBD infused cream has a great peppermint smell and really does the trick for getting the inflammation out of my tendons.
20th Mar 2017
Juha Haaja's picture
I have found the following tip for taping very useful when taping tips: Take a thin strand of the tape and tape it along the finger going over the tip. This can extend all the way over the first joint also. After this tape normally around the finger as in the video. This helps the tape to stick to the finger and gets rid of the frustrating situation where the tape slides of your finger when cranking hard.
19th Mar 2017
Justin Brown's picture
My go to skin care is Rhino Skin Solutions. They make all their products in a non greasy formula. They also make some antiperspirants like antihydral but easier to use. I like the Repair Cream and the Performance cream. I also use the Dry Spray occasionally if my hands are really sweaty. I do that think they are in the UK yet but I'd you climb at the Tor Ted Kingsnorth may have some.
18th Mar 2017
jam's picture
i use climbskin. when i get a injury theirs nothing worse! so i get a piece of tape smother it in climbskin or climb on then put that tape on my finger then rap another piece of tape around my finger. i mainly do this before i go to bed. when i wake up your skin is very soft but all of the good stuff has socked in instead of only a little getting in to your finger and the rest smudged of whilst you sleep. Then through the day i let all the air get to the finger . only do this for like two days and watch how quick your skin heals is unbeliever-bell!!!!!!!!!
17th Mar 2017
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