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Shelma Jun: Finding Space

Shelma Jun: Finding Space

24th February 2021
24th Feb 2021
Outer Peace with Shelma Jun: Finding Space. “Maybe you never felt the outdoors was for you because of the way it had been introduced.” Shelma Jun, founder of Flash Foxy and advocate for more inclusive climbing communities, names the barriers that make the outdoors hard to access, in this exploration of Outer Peace. The path towards a better self begins in nature. Outer Peace. Find it. Join us as we explore the transformative and healing power of nature, and work to make it accessible to everyone. This year, Arc’teryx is committing $1 million to help support our partners in their work to remove barriers and protect nature, so people who have been traditionally excluded from access to nature may find Outer Peace. Learn more at: www.arcteryx.com/outerpeace #forwhatstocome​ Musicbed SyncID: MB01MOU5YCZLJFV

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