Selbst Ist Das Kind 8c/5.14b (Adlitzgräben) by Manuel Huber | Uncut Ascent

02nd October 2016
02nd Oct 2016
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YES, it's done! Never put that much effort into a route before, feels great to remember what I train for. The best and hardest I ever had my hands on. A big thanks to all my belayers and the awesome camera man! Psyched! Selbst ist das Kind 8c (Adlitzgräben) by Manuel Huber As always: Onsight-Aspirants: Skip if you want to save your onsight-Go. Flash-Aspirants: Feel free to leech some beta :) You can view my entire collection on my profile: Music: Sense and technique by Free Hip Hop Beats and Stayin' alive remix by Stereocool from Soundcloud.

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